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About Us

Who is NOA Home Builders & Design INC? We are a company that’s tried and true. We’ve been in the industry of remodeling homes for a good decade. Throughout the decade, we’ve gathered some of the best individuals in their respective fields such as designing, 3D modeling, handymen, and contractors – all essential members of the team that enables us to provide you with the highest quality of service possible.

Our company has set roots in the Santa Monica area to allow us to serve a greater amount of people more. After all, our goal is to provide everyone the opportunity to achieve their dream house.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible customer service and an excellent home remodeling service – that’s why creating and maintaining a strong bond with our clients is a must.

When working with us, you can expect clear communication from our end – making sure that we get everything right, from the most minute detail to major elements of the remodeling. Our attention to detail and efficiency is unrivaled in the industry. And if there’s one word that describes us the most, it has to be – reliable.
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Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Santa Monica

Everyone deserves to have a good kitchen – after all, it’s a vital component of one’s everyday routine. When you don’t have a well-functioning kitchen, you can’t possibly be inspired to cook. Let us help you change that! Our kitchen remodeling services can change the way your kitchen looks, functions, and overall atmosphere for the better. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll get right on it!

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Santa Monica

A bathroom is where you can be alone and wash away stress. There’s no such thing as too big or too small when it comes to bathroom remodeling – no matter the scale of the project, you can trust us to see it through.
Our highly capable crew can provide innovative solutions to your bathroom remodeling needs, implementing your ideas along the way to ensure your satisfaction and happiness, which is what we strive for in every project.
Feel free to hit us up if you have any concerns – we can also provide you with a free quotation.

Complete Home Remodel

Complete Home Remodeling Santa Monica

Creative home remodeling can be exciting, but only when you’re working with a competent company. Otherwise, it’s just full of stress and anxiety. Luckily for you, you have us. The most trusted and reliable home remodeling company in Santa Monica. We have a highly experienced and adept crew that’s more than qualified to do their jobs. They are constantly training and learning so that we may be able to be consistent in providing you with the best possible complete home remodeling services.

It doesn’t matter how simple your project is, be it improving your windows, installing a vinyl siding, remodeling a few rooms, you know that you can always trust us to pull through.
Call us now and let’s get started!

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Utilize every space in your property. Convert your unused garage, old shed, or your basement into a living quarter. You can then rent it out, allowing you to have a passive income at a reasonably low investment. NOA Home Builders & Design can provide you with our services – we can repurpose any part of your home and turn it into a living space.

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